How Real Healthy People Got Started

What made we need to get healthy  was apparently seeing a picture of me, and I didn’t understand that I was that big.  I don’t know if it was like one single thing.  It’s been like a journey into being healthy. I was kind of exciting into the overweight  for how I saw.

I’ve always been a big guy.  I think I finally resolved that I was ready to make a change. I moved to Los Angeles from New York,  and I didn’t really know anybody here, and I was just trying various things  to get to know people. I suffer from depression.  Actually, doctor approved it. He said, you need to start exercising.

I have struggled with my weight  since I was in second grade.  I’m kind of at the point in my life where weight’s  the one thing holding me back, I feel like. First, start moving. Like that’s an accessible goal, where that makes sense. You know, I started off working out at home. I didn’t have a gym membership.

I’ve tried a lot of different activities, and it takes a while to find something you’re like,  ooh, this is to me and I’m thrilled. I went from zero to 60. So I was going to the gym four or five points a week. Because it’s such a lifestyle difference,  you gotta really dig deep and find what you like to do.   I began by signing up for a group  that was running the LA Marathon.

I would always go to community  as your character one step. I’m going to make on Saturday, and then I’ll hold lunches for the remainder of the week,  and that would take that choice process  and take it out of the equation. Anything that’s in a case, get rid of.    Anytime I catch a weird craving,

I attempt to go to Pinterest to find something new  that might be healthier. I take a water bottle with me around everywhere.    Shop the perimeter of the grocery store,  because if you don’t even go down those aisles, chance to be getting something  that’s totally unhealthy goes down. You can make these little replacements in your life.  Like every time I find myself wanting to go to the kitchen  at work, instead I’m going to walk around the block.

Everything in moderation.  If you have any kind of deprivation,  then you’re going to go back to your old eating habits,  because you’re just not happy. One bad meal isn’t going to make you fat,  but one good meal isn’t going to make you healthy.  It’s definitely an overhaul that takes time.

Motivation is something that needs to be  happening every day, ’cause you can lose it consistently  and get frustrated with the gym.  I definitely suggest finding something in the morning,  at the very start of your day, that gets you going. Don’t feel bad if you slip up. I always have moments.  The point is, I don’t stay there. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up every time you think  you make a little mistake. You just have to pick yourself back up  and continue to work on it. It’s just so sad what’s happening over there.  Oh, yeah, mm hmm. You don’t know the half of it.